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The Children’s Rescue Fund

The Children’s Rescue Fund’s core purpose is to serve the homeless population with the services required to assist and empower them to become independent. This in turn will transition them into becoming self-sufficient, motivated and productive citizens to obtain permanent housing as well as ensuring their children’s rights to education and healthcare.


VandsTech LLC’s foundation is embedded in multimedia technology procurement. As our slogan, “Surveillance Security System Designs Like No Other” suggests, our niche service is CCTV system installations. Our brand’s motive shares a synergistic relationship with world renown brands in the technology industry and we take pride in provisioning our clients with effective solutions that make an impact and build confidence within their day-to-day operations.

Hairapy by Jé

Hairapy By Jé, LLC is a bespoke haircare and scalp treatment brand that takes a natural twist on its approach at hair styling (pun intended). Staple hair styles form locs to wig applications are only a couple of the diverse treatments you can expect from the company founder, Jelani King. She’s a licensed cosmetologist that takes beauty and self value to higher plateaus by granting all of her clients a unique experience.The company’s mantra out its competition by promoting the application of hair styles with “treatment intended to nurture, revive and beautify the hair while unwinding the mind and soothing the soul”.

Clout NYC

CLOUT NYC stemmed from the everyday persistence of rocking trendy streetwear on a daily basis. What we recognized to be much more vivid to ourselves and the culture was the influence and inspiration we gave to others. The realization was true to just like what the true meaning of the term “Clout” stands for, HAVING POWER AND INFLUENCE.

Best Intercom NYC

Best Intercom NYC is a premiere intercom system installation and repair company. We offer several professional service options from wireless Intercoms, wired Intercom systems, video Intercom systems, apartment Intercom Installations, security intercom systems as well as the repair and maintenance of many intercom systems. You can trust in us because we are highly skilled and trained professionals. Don’t get left out!

The Enquor

Enquor blossoms from New York City’s Mecca of creative fashion culture with a focus on the warmer seasons, the brand curates intricately assembled garments of high end imported fabrics. Each piece is designed with attention to detail and precision that closely follows the Enquor motto, “Creating a lifestyle worth celebrating”.