Branding [ Logo Design

 Web Design [ WordPress CMS design

Stationary ] Business card design, brochures, flyers

Photography [ Visuals, visuals, and more visuals

Apparel/Fashion Design ] logo creation, fabric selection, embroidery sourcing, production

Starting up a new business venture? Or, you just want to refresh your current logo with more vivid appeal? You’ll surely need to partner that innovative idea with a visual identity.

That’ll definitely help your prospective followers, patrons, and current customers remember you.  What ever the case may be, send an email to and let’s get started on your brilliant idea.

Acid Lazer Dezignz’s services reach beyond graphic logo design. Have a look below to see what else can be done for you…

When it comes to starting up a business you’ll need more than a logo. What about stationary material, like business cards and brochures or flyers to promote your brand? We all know a web based digital presence is one of the most important things you’ll ever need. Don’t forget Social media is everything now. Did you ask about apparel and fashion design? Yep! I do that too. 

You should use as many relevant social media outlets for your brand as you can. They’re basically free advertising platforms used by millions of people across the world. Acid Lazer Dezignz can create, design, and produce pretty much everything relating to a company’s branding and identity. I’ll even give you a few marketing pointers if you need the help.