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IT Solutions

IT Solutions

Acid Lazer Dezignz LLC offers a variety of tech, digital and wireless services for your company’s furthered integration. Contact us in order to find out details of the right solution(s) for your company’s connectivity and growth.


VoIP is a modern phone function that uses Internet Protocol to transmit a phone call. VoIP is offered with newer hardware and programming.

With a microphone and receiver, a VoIP telephone converts your voice’s sound into data and then sends it over your network via the internet. The listener’s end receives the data as sound plays it back for the other person.

Home & Office Wireless Network

A wireless network nowadays is necessary for your household happiness and your office’s efficiency. Without it you’ll be tethered and hardwired to a computer which disables the ease of multi-user capabilities. Contact us to see how we can transition or assist in the upkeep of your network’s usability and strength.

LAN Room

Contact Acid Lazer Dezignz to discuss your business’ expectations and goals.